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  • Main Page

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    General Introduction

    Shastra (Scripture & Literature)

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  • Core Concepts

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    Individual and Social Life

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    Sagely Quote

    By doing Ram Nam always, we can rise above the body-idea. Whatever situations we are placed in, whatever job we do, we should think that it is given to us by our Guru Himself. It is His power that makes us digest our food, grow up and so on. As we dedicate ourselves completely to Him, in everything that we do, taking it as being done by Him only, our actions will become spontaneous, just as we unconsciously move our hands or feet. Our body-consciousness then gets diluted until it disappears altogether

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  • —Mata Krishnabai

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    Living Traditions


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  • History

    Nastika Systems of thought

    • Charvaka

    Outgrowths of Hinduism

    • Buddhism
    • Jain Dharma
    • Sikh Dharma
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  • Interactions with Abrahamic Religions